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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I went shopping on the day after Christmas at Urban Outfitters (my absolute favorite store) and found all these items for only 5 dollars a piece!! That price is unthinkable for anything at Urban. Although the neutral color blouse is from Forever 21. I loveeee these clothes so much! I'm really trying to expand my style and not be so basic. Before, I would never dare to wear anything like this. But now I'm trying to be more wild and spontaneous with my fashion which will allow me to express myself through my clothes. This outfit is defiantly the first step(:


  1. Wow, i bet the cropped lace top & shorts will look amazing together! xx

  2. Wow what a great deal you got!

    Now following!

  3. Love the shorts. Been dying to get a ripped pair that arent too short! Great post:)

  4. I love everything here! It actually all looks like they'll go great together in one cohesive style. I LOVE the cropped top, I've been on the lookout for cropped tops for spring/summer! I completely agree about UO having great sales. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite stores.


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